Pillai Associates

is a name synonymous to trust, confidence and reliability

Deliverance of quality services, on time and with dependable post delivery services, have made Pillai Associates a household name in business services. Having entered into the field of business as a building contractor, Pillai Associates has now branched out into the realms of business and marketing support for other businesses. The company prides itself on its adherence to core values, like quality assurance, innovative new methodologies and continues support for delivered products and services. With a vision at reaching an international stature and the name to call for all business support needs, the company has set out on a mission of sustainable growth over multiple nations. Pillai Associates has offices based in all major cities in Kerala and in the Middle East and shortly on the lookout for forays into the European and American markets.

Commercial and Non Commercial Building contractors:

The traditional mainstay of the company and still the backbone of the company, Pillai Associates can add many a landmark building as a feather of its cap. The values of high quality workmanship and use of best available raw materials have ensured that these buildings continue to dot the skyline of cities for a long time.

Real Estate procurement and development:

Procurement and development of the invaluable resource of useable land is another area of operation. The company procures and develops land not only for commercial and residential projects but also for agricultural purposes. The company has been able to earn the name of trustworthiness in this realm.

Renewable Energy Sources:

Installation and Maintenance of renewable, eco-friendly energy sources is another are of business in which Pillai Associates has made a notable impact in. Be it Solar Energy or harnessing of Wind for power, the company has kept pace with the latest and made it available to the market. This coupled with quality after sales service has made Pillai Associates, the name to seek.

Product and Service Promotion and Advertising:

With its ear close to the ground on market realities Pillai Associates has been able to help varies businesses market their products and services. Through latest lines of product promotion and advertising using the most innovative modern techniques, the company has provided the best publicity to its client’s products and services.

Production and Distribution of Films and Entertainment Programs:

In today’s world, entertainment and films are as much a commodity for the global market. With this perspective Pillai Associates has been actively involvement in the production and distribution of various high quality films and entertainment programs and have received much acclaim for the same.

Business Support:

Pillai associates has been active in the B2B segment as well, giving much required business support for established as well as new businesses. The company has been active in concept development, business start-ups and project actualisation and has earned the loyalty and respect from various business, big and small.

Promises we make to our clients and the society
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Pillai Associates has been involved in
  • Construction work
  • Interior designing
  • Exports and Imports
  • Break water work at major ports
  • Distilleries & Chain of Hotels
  • Media, Entertainment
  • Manufacturing

Into The Future

Even as the company develops and evolves new spectrums, it has held on to firmly to values of trust, quality and accountability to its clients and the society at large. And with the support and partnership of its clients plans to achieve a position of sustainable prominence in the market.

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