“Leaving behind trail markers to those that follow, the nomadic Inuit have set the right stones in the minds that seek to not just to have but to give”. . .
The shy, virgin rays of the morning sun streams right through your bedstead and goes right on to light up the sea line, miles away. This is how golden sun that peeks out from behind the Agasthya Hills, the second tallest peak of the Western Ghats, send it greetings to you at Inulsuk. As does natures little twitters and flutters by, as they fly right through your loft, with not a care, but just the company of the mist and the breeze. With the days done, the sun forgets not to bid adieu in the evening from the Arabian Sea, with red swollen face of tiredness, of day’s work, well done. All from the comforts of you loft chair at Inuksuk.

Breakaway from the Hectic Mundane to a Unique Life Style
Getting into Nature’s Way of Living:

1700 ft above MSL, 18kms from city centre, as the map would say, Inuksuk stands amongst the green threshold of Vilappil Village. Kadumbu Para (parastands for rock face in Malayalam) stand proudly amongst the majestic three. Sastham para , Mukkunni Mala, and herself on the outskirts of the Thiruvananthapuram City, far removed from her myriad chokings, yet just a short hop away. Seventeen Hundred feet may not be rarified atmosphere, but it sure is a liberated feel. Moonlight Sonata may have been inspired by an Austrian moonlit night, but a full moon night atop Kadumbu Para, will rightly give stiff run for that place of pride. Many a young romantic soul has already discovered the sheer magic of the romance up here and moonlit nights have attracted a lively gathering here. Even the drizzling rain reflecting the golden glow of the city below invokes the Megh Malhar , in tune with the rhythm of your heart beat. Inuksuk, was inspired by the concept of leaving behind trail markers for those seekers that follow. Stone markers, that let them that follow, see that they gave reached just the right spot, on their way forth. A feel good that says that while seals and caribou that the Inuit sought may be oceans away, what they sought is right here. It was only a matter of where to put her up. And there she stood, Kadumbu Para, her head held high. Close, yet unblemished. Just 18 km from the throbbing Trivandrum City, where all that happen in the state gets the nod or the nay, where a million plus busy bodies plot there life, through the day and rubbish it in the evening, where hard earned money is spent in the evening to eat bad health and breathe bad air, Inuksuk stand removed, seeing it all, feeling it none. At 1700 ft your guess of a long uphill trek to the loft can be cut down to a short phrase – ‘From your car door to the doorstep’. Inuksuk at the summit receives you vehicle at her doorsteps. The mighty Western Ghats on your East, the Arabian Sea clearly visible to your West. On clear days you can watch the city skyline and maybe catch the glimpse of the airplanes lift off from the Airport . Even the traditionally designed EMS Academy is clearly seen. The loft offered let and entry to mist and breeze and it is common to see Spooners Babies fly right through, with other feathered friends.

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Her Arena of Features

  • Convenient Oneness with Nature
    Close yet Removed, ideally describes Inuksuk. Built atop a seventeen hundred feet tall peak of solid rock, the way to your Loft is completely motorable. Just a short hop from the city, with easy access to the Airport, Rail Head and Bus Station, even the new Vizhinjam Harbour being built is within easy reach. The Loft has all the modern amenities for comfortable living and has all communication facilities to keep you abreast of the going on in the world below. Transportation and entertainment can be arranged to suit your needs and taste and venues made for you to explore the unseen person within yourself. Convenience can be eco friendly
  • Permaculture Studio
    From the stone and the soils of the rock grew the structure, as from a mother, would her children emerge. Minimal import from away, full and sustainable usage from within. The rocks and mud comprise the structure, with minimal use of cement for adherents. It encourages a self-contained way of living, with minimal need for external input. Vegetable and Tubers from the farm is available at you reach, as are the eggs, milk and poultry for you to do create culinary magic. The theme of the culture encourages you to feel nature and to imbibe her values as life with styles with open windows, wide open vistas, around you and in your minds.
  • Slow Your Life Down
    Over a century and a half, the need for ever increasing speed in all things done has left the Human Physique and Psyche in tatters. Great Youth is no guarantee of Good Health. The Need to Beat them all, in all things, and at all times has given precious little as keepsakes that matter, but has left minds, dazed and groggy. The urgent need of the hour is to slow down, period… When last year figures and tomorrows projects take a nap for a few days and you wake up to feel the fresh air fill up your lungs. When the clang of the cell phones don’t cause you to scrounge even in sleep. Slow down at Inuksuk and seek the morning, when you have no targets to meet
  • Build a Self Profile

    Along with catching yours breathe, you reach within yourself at Inuksuk. Create that portfolio of your unfulfilled self development projects, you had hidden, even from yourself. The unseen da Vinci, the unheard Beethoven, the unread Shaw, let that creative mind emerge from within yourself. Or watch your little girl display surprisingly nimble dancing feet to the beats of classic ragas. At the Loft you get the opportunity, not just to be yourself but to create the You as you always wanted to. Enjoy evenings of music and dance indoors or on the rock and take back with your memories with therapeutic values as life time inputs. Definitely a great deal.

    Nature Activities

    Reaching the loft may not tax your muscles. Quite so much but if you are someone with a liking for flexing your muscles and stretching your body, Inuksuk is just the place to do so. Trek or Jog down hill through miles of green territory or just saunter off into nature’s lap. If you ever nursed the dreams of farming, sowing and reaping, your kiddy lessons could well start here. Also learn the art of living within your boundaries, without dependence of on external input. Live survival style roasting tubers on spits, and crushed chilies to boot. At Inuksuk, you just let your inhibitions down and got to keep the thrill of living free and full.

    The Cuisine

    Inuksuk cuisine is an ideal trade off between good food and great taste, with neither making way for the other. Organic food, cultivated and sourced from the farmstead make the majority of what you get to eat at Inuksuk. Food you can see growing and bring harvested. You also have the option of cooking your food yourself in the handy pantry, with all necessary kitchen equipment or call for your friendly chef to do the same for you. All vegetable, milk , eggs and poultry comes from sources you can walk into. Your food today decides how your day is like tomorrow. That is why we make sure your food and water is the very best, you can get.

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